Users – refers to individuals, companies, or any other organisation seeking one or more suppliers to perform services such as construction, renovation or decorating.

Suppliers – refers to any professional who can answer a quote request issued by a User.

Company – refers to the website and organisation Price Devils (www.extensionssupermarket.com).

Description of Service

The Company offers a service which connects Users with Suppliers
To be connected for free with one or more Suppliers, the User must fill out a quote request form detailing the work they wish to have carried out/the services they require.

Suppliers interested in providing a quote will then contact the User directly to issue a quotation and where appropriate, arrange to carry out the necessary work.

The Company does not provide quotes automatically by email
Users are matched to Suppliers who operate in their geographical area
In most cases, Suppliers will need to contact Users by telephone and/or meet with them in person in order to provide an accurate quote.

Service Costs

Users do not have to pay to use the services provided by the Company.
The Company does not take commission on jobs carried out by Suppliers.
Suppliers wishing to respond to quote requests pay a subscription which is calculated based on the number of quote requests they wish to receive. For more information on Supplier terms and conditions click here.

User Commitments

All Users of www.extensionssupermarket.com agree to:

The Company reserves the right to delete quote requests which are incomplete, unconfirmed, or which contain false, inconsistent or vague information.

Supplier Commitments

Suppliers who use www.extensionssupermarket.com agree to:

The Company takes these Supplier commitments extremely seriously. To ensure Users receive the best possible service, the Company reserves the right to exclude Suppliers who do not adhere to the above commitments. Suppliers can be excluded either after an investigation process has been carried out or at any time the Company deems fit. However, the Company cannot be held liable for cases where a Supplier fails to meet the above commitments.

Company Commitments

The Company agrees to:




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